Where is Coviside produced

Coviside is manufacture, bottled, labeled and shipped within our facility in Woburn, MA. All reagents and supplies are proudly sourced within the US. 

How do I know Coviside will work

We specifically follow published WHO guidelines when it comes to Coviside formulation. To ensure quality, we will include Material Safety Data Sheets as well as Certificate of Analysis as verification that the ingredients meet WHO standards.

Where do you ship

We are shipping solely to all areas within the United States. 

What is your return policy

On account of the high demand, we do not have the resources to process returns. Therefore, all sales are final. However, we take great care to ensure safe packaging and high-quality material so that any returns will be unnecessary. 

Is Coviside medical grade

As previously mentioned, Coviside follows WHO and CDC formulation guidelines which are guaranteed to work as an advanced disinfectant. Doctors and hospitals will find that this formulation is extremely effective and is medical grade.  

Is Coviside safe around pets

Coviside is safe around pets, however, do not let pets ingest the material as it contains Isopropyl Alcohol. 

How do I use Coviside

Dispense enough Coviside on to your hands to cover all parts of both hands, including in-between fingers and around fingertips and nails. Rub your hands together for 30 seconds so that your skin may absorb the product and completely dry.

How should I store Coviside

Store Coviside in an area below 110F (43C).

Does Coviside expire

Generally, all sanitizers expire three years after the date of manufacturing. Over this time, the alcohol may dissolve making it less effective at killing germs and bacteria.