About Us

Coviside is a high quality hand sanitizer manufactured by a team of Medicinal Chemists at CreaGen Inc. in Massachusetts. At CreaGen, we have typically performed R&D/Chemistry work for large multinational biotech companies over the last 17 years. We have repurposed a portion of our lab space to provide Federal/State agencies with hand sanitizer product. However, we are also aware of the lack of supply for the general public. Therefore, we are offering our remaining material to consumers. While CreaGen has not typically manufactured consumer health goods, our chemistry team feels a responsibility to do our part to aid in the fight against this virus. Moreover, we feel an obligation to provide the highest standard formula.This is a once in a life time situation and we feel that all companies with the resources should diverge from their normal course of business to help everyone who has been affected. For more information on CreaGen, please visit www.creageninc.com